Heyyy Ya'll, I'm Tam!


It's so nice to meet you. I am a proud member of the illustrious ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc since Spring '97. ​
The Crossing Box, LLC is a box of staple sorority/fraternity items that neos (new members) can purchase to get a head start on owning a variety of para, prophytes (older members) to refresh their staple items, and anyone who want to purchase the box as a gift when neos “cross”. When an individual becomes a member of a Greek letter organization, they feel a sense of honor and ownership that is filled with pride and prestige. There are sisterhoods and brotherhoods that are formed through the membership process that last a lifetime. Not only does Greek life offer lasting friendships, but also a host of networking opportunities. One way that a sorority or fraternity member show their pride is through their paraphernalia (para). Wearing those letters across their chest displays the pride that each person feels in becoming a member, a legacy, and part of the history of that organization and black culture. 
Stay a while and look around. Thanks for stopping by!